welcome to Changping Valley


Changping Valley is 29km long and covers an area of 100km2. It’s the only valley in Mt. Siguniang can be enjoyed by bus…


Changping Valley is in Mt. Siguniang scenery, Mt. Siguniang Town, Xiaojin County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous…


Busy season: ¥70;

Off season: ¥50;

Tickets for sightseeing bus:¥20…


Changping Valley is the paradise for outdoorsmen as it’s the important campsite if you want to climb the third…

The fragrance of flowers

The air is fragrant with the flowers in full bloom. Mt. Siguniang is a flower fairy at this time. You will be fragrant in the sea of flowers.

Changping Valley

Spring is everywhere

The green trees surround Mt. Siguniang. The air is full of the scent of green grass. You will feel peace and pure in the nature.

Changping Valley

Gorgeous autumn

It looks that Mt. Siguniang wears a colorful dress and dances on the plateau in autumn. The distant snow together with the nearby colorful trees presents a beautiful scenery.

Changping Valley

Animal paradise

There are plenty of animals here. You can see lovely birds singing in the trees and good-natured horses eating on the meadow.

Changping Valley

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It will snow in autumn and covers the bright yellow of the land. Then the colorful trees are just like wearing a thin layer of gauze.

Leisure afternoon

The honest yaks and gentle horses play on the meadow in the sunny afternoon. It’s easy and comfortable.

White light

The sea of clouds translates into various gestures in the wind. They looks like the veil of Mt. Siguniang when falling over the peaks.

Snow Mountain of Sunrise

It seems that the god appears when the sunset shines on the snowy peak. Each of the peak is beautiful as fairyland under the golden light.


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