Changping Valley

Changping Valley

Changping Valley is 29km long and covers an area of 100km2. It’s the only valley in Mt. Siguniang can be enjoyed by bus. There are 21 viewpoints in this green valley with plentiful primordial plants that preserved well. In the large area of primordial forest, the cypresses are tall and straight, the pines are dense, the firs and willows cover the sky. Look up and you can see the sunshine shines through the crowns. Near your feet is the fertile covered by moss showing the special peaceful and primitive. At the end of the forest you will feel like entering into another world. You can see the meadow in the mountains and a creek running wriggly, the wildflowers and rape flowers blooming in spring, the red birches vying with maples in autumn, the luxuriant cypresses and pines that exist for a long history, the waterfalls rushing in the trees and the ancient post road extending in the vast forest.    

Location: Changping Valley is in Mt. Siguniang scenery, Mt. Siguniang Town, Xiaojin County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It’s an ancient battlefield with the altitude of about 3500m.   

Tickets: Busy season: ¥70;Off season: ¥50;Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥20.   

Ps: Changping Valley is the paradise for outdoorsmen as it’s the important campsite if you want to climb the third and the main Peak. It’s also an ideal place for rock-climbing and ice-climbing. You can also camp here but you have to bring your own tent. You’d better take food and water with you as it’s not easy to find places for dinner. Meanwhile you can get to Bipeng Valley in Lixian County if you cross Changping Valley.

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