welcome to The Service Center


The Service Center is at the head of Changping Valley, Mt. Siguniang and covers an area of 2298m²…


The service center is at the head of Changping Valley, Mt. Siguniang scenery. It’s the only way to enter into the valley…


Busy season: ¥60;

Off season: ¥40;

(The horse fee is not included)……


There are many materials in the exhibition area. They show the scenery, culture and feature of Mt. Siguniang in the mini-form…

Blue sky

The sky in the mountains are azure. The clouds flying around the peaks look like the veil of brides.

The Service Center

Born as summer flowers

The colorful beautiful flowers dress up Mt. Siguniang.

The Service Center

Filled with stars

The stars dancing in the night sky make the night of Mt. Siguniang more charming.

The Service Center

Be bold in scaling heights

Every mountain in Mt. Siguniang is a challenge. It will be a harvest if you have the courage to climb one of them.

The Service Center

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There are 5 parts in the geological evolution exhibition including the changes of the world, the roads in the mountains…

The Studio Hall

It shows the beauty and feature of Mt. Siguniang vividly in the form of video. The big stone in the middle of the hall describs…

The Humanity History

All Tibetans are religious men. Tibetan can be divided into 3 sublines, Anduo Tibetan, Kangba Tibetan and Gyalrong Tibetan.


There are more than 1500 kinds of wildlife in Mt. Siguniang. There are 213 kinds of birds among which 74 kinds are identified.


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