welcome to Potala Peak


Potala Peak is a good place for climbing because of its special rock structure and favored by top climbers…


Potala Peak is in Shuangqiao Valley. It’s 5240m above sea-level and favored by climbers because of its special…


Busy season: ¥80;

Off season: ¥50;

(Tickets for sightseeing bus:¥70)


The sightseeing bus will stop here and let you enjoy the beauty. The road is below the peak and separated from it by…

Devout prayer

You can make a wish before the pagoda after presenting a white hada or picking up a stone near it, cupping your hands and walking around it clockwise.

Potala Peak

Lush fresh

The scenery of Potala Peak in spring.

Potala Peak

The graceful white fur

Potala Peak is covered by white snow.

Potala Peak

Color forest surround

Potala Peak is surrounded by golden trees in autumn.

Potala Peak

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Potala Peak surrounded by green trees in summer.

Late-lying snow

The snow at the peak is there all year round.

Sea of clouds Yong

The sea of clouds rolling around the peak.


Potala Peak is famous for its outline which is similar to Potala Palace. It’s said that your wish will come true if you wish to it.


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