Potala Peak

Potala Peak

Potala Peak is a good place for climbing because of its special rock structure and favored by top climbers. It’s the best spot in Shuangqiao Valley to watch mountains. On the right you can see Liren Peak (Hunter Peak) and Shengmu Peak (Everest Peak) rolling together which looks like a sleeping beauty. On the left you can see Mt. Jingang, Yeren Peak (Savage Peak) and Jinqiang Cliff. Look west and you can see the jokul with the shape of eagles. There is a white pagoda on the broader alpine meadow. You can make a wish before the pagoda after presenting a white hada or picking up a stone near it, cupping your hands and walking around it clockwise.

It’s said that many years ago the Buddha in Tibet intended to build a  Buddhist palace with the characteristics of snow area, that is Potala Palace, and sent many warriors to look for the building plans. Two of the warriors came here after a long hard journey and found the unique mountain. They were very excited to draw the outline of the magnificent peak. One of them sent the sketch to Tibet and the Buddha built the world-famous Potala Palace according to the sketch. 

Location:Potala Peak is in Shuangqiao Valley. It’s 5240m above sea-level and favored by climbers because of its special rock structure. One Japanese team made many records and reached the peak in the 1990s.  

Tickets:  Busy season: ¥80;Off season: ¥50;Tickets for sightseeing bus:¥70.

Tips : The busy season is from Apr. 1st to Nov. 30th. The off season is from Dec. 1st to the next Mar. 30th.

Ps: The sightseeing bus will stop here and let you enjoy the beauty. The road is below the peak and separated from it by a creek which makes the peak more towering and magnificent. Pay special attention to that the climber should climb accompanied or taught by the professional. Don’t risk.

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