welcome to Longzhucuo Lake


Longzhucuo Lake is one of Shuangqiao Valley’s scenery…


Redwoods is in Mt. Siguniang scenery, Mt. Siguniang Town.…


Busy season: ¥80;

Off season: ¥50;

Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥70


Longzhucuo Lake is beautiful in four seasons. You can take a camera with you to keep the beauty…

The mirror reflected

The Lake in Late Autumn.

Longzhucuo Lake

Landscape at ease

The Running Water.

Longzhucuo Lake

The mystery of life

The Running Water.

Longzhucuo Lake

Beauty of Art

The Beauty of the Lake.

Longzhucuo Lake

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The Paradise of Animals.

Singing and laughing

The Singing Creek.

A withered tree comes to life again

The Trees and Grass Rouse up in Spring.

Beautiful autumn

The View in Autumn.


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