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It’s said that Sigunacuo Lake (Four Maidens’ Lake) is the lake where the four girls have bath…


Sigunacuo Lake is in Shuangqiao Valley. It’s about 3.58km above the sea-level…


(It’s included in Shuangqiao Valley): Busy season(Apr. 1st - Nov. 30th): ¥80; Off season(Dec. 1st - Mar. 30th) : ¥50; Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥70…


Sigunacuo Lake is opened from 7:00 to 17:00. It’s a picture in 4 seasons. The green grass looks fresh and clean…

The Colorful Trees

The colorful trees in autumn look like the pallet of God make Sugunacuo Lake up a gorgeously dressed girl dancing in the mountains.

Sigunacuo Lake

The Warm Sunshine

The sun here is warm. It refracts colorful halo when the sun shines on the trees and grass that makes Sigunacuo Lake put on a layer of gold.

Sigunacuo Lake

The Gurgling Water

The gurgling water running from the mountain and into Sigunacuo Lake likes a swimmer showing her graceful posture.

Sigunacuo Lake

The Scenery in Winter

It makes you feel like meeting a romance if you encounter a sweet snow. The trees covered with snow look like the girls in white playing hide-and-seek in the smog.

Sigunacuo Lake

Article recommendation


It’s an enjoyable picture and an intelligent poem when the colorful trees are covered with snow. Then the blue sky, the floating clouds and the sweet snow make people relax and happy.

The Clear Water

The water in Sigunacuo Lake is clean and clear. Though there is no fish, there are some green and white stones in it. It’s very nice with the blue sky, the white clouds, the big trees reflecting on the lake and the lofty peaks covered with snow lying on the hirst quietly.

The Green Grass

The enchanting water, the carpet grass, the beautiful brunches together with the distant peaks covered with snow form a picture which looks bright and spry.

The Quiet Lake

The snow-broth runs continuously on the hirst and into the quiet alp lake which seems to freeze the plateau.


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