Sigunacuo Lake

Sigunacuo Lake

It’s said that Sigunacuo Lake (Four Maidens’ Lake) is the lake where the four girls have bath. The lake looks like a huge mirror surrounded by tall firs and vigorous sea-buckthorn. It’s even more beautiful in the sunshine with the clear water, the sea-buckthorn standing in it, the peaks reflecting on it and trees and grass around it.  

Sigunacuo Lake is a barrier lake formed in 2012 because of the earthquake happened on 12th May. By reasonable planning and regulation, such as desilting, deslagging, building viewing pavilions and decks, here forms a natural alp lake with an area of 8000m2. It’s one of the favorite spots after the earthquake.

Location: Sigunacuo Lake is in Shuangqiao Valley. It’s about 3.58km above the sea-level.  

Tickets (It’s included in Shuangqiao Valley):Busy season(Apr. 1st - Nov. 30th): ¥80;Off season(Dec. 1st - Mar. 30th) : ¥50;Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥70;(No horse service ).

Ps: Sigunacuo Lake is opened from 7:00 to 17:00. It’s a picture in 4 seasons. The green grass looks fresh and clean. The verdant scenery in summer makes people feel cool and refreshing. You’ll be dazzled in the colorful world in autumn and in winter everything will be covered with snow.

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