Ginseng District

Ginseng District

Ginseng District is famous for a precious rosaceae stem plant that grows  underneath the meadow whose scientific name is Potentilla anserina L. Ggyalrong Tibetan call it ginseng fruit. Ginseng fruits with black peel and red flash taste sweet and can be eaten and made into herbs. The herbs are tonic and nourishing which are equal to panax ginseng in medical value. It’s miracle that beneath the hundreds of mu of meadow, ginseng fruit only exists more than 20mu. Ginseng District is the first big bus stop and the end of the glacial landforms in Shuangqiao Valley.

There are hundreds of mu of meadow on both sides of the highway. All kinds of flowers bloom in spring and look like a huge basket. Here is like a lost paradise together with the flocks and herds, the sea-buckthorn trees, the beautiful mountains and clear water and the vast land and  blue sky. Ginseng District witnessed the god of Mt. Siguniang. Once upon a time, the people here had so many disasters. To save them the god asked the Buddha for fairy fruits and sowed them here. Later people built White Pagode and presented the land around here to the god to thank him. So we cannot see villages or houses except few cowsheds here. Ginseng District attracts many artists to draw here because of its extraordinary sight composed by beautiful sea-buckthorn, grand jokul, expansive meadow, babbling creek, continuous mountains and fickle clouds.    

Location:Ginseng District is in Mt. Siguniang scenery, Mt. Siguniang Town, Xiaojin County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It is the first big bus stop and the end of the glacial landforms in Shuangqiao Valley. It’s 3300m above sea-level.  

Tickets: Busy season (Apr. 1st to Nov. 30th ): ¥80;Off season (Dec. 1st to Mar. 30th): ¥50;Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥70.

Ps: Many well-known colleges and universities will organize students major in art draw here both in summer and autumn. Nature is intelligential and if we respect and protect it, it will return.

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