Shuangqiao Valley

Shuangqiao Valley

Shuangqiao Valley (Double-bridge Valley) is 34.8km long. It’s the only line of the three valleys that one needn’t ride a horse. There is a highway through the whole journey and the sightseeing timber trestle is available. It covers an area of 216.6 km2.The scenery of it is concentrated and charming. It’s famous for the two wooden bridges built by the local people in the valley to pass freely. One named Yangliu Bridge (Willow Bridge) is constructed of willow. The other constructed of fir is called Bian Bridge (Convenient Bridge). There are 17 viewpoints and 54 scenery spots by preliminary detection. In the front part are wonders like Yangliu Bridge, Yinyang Vale, Poplar Forest, Mt. Riyuebaojing, Mt. Five Colors and so on. In the middle part is Nianyu Sandbar (Fish-driving Sandbar) including Ginseng District, Seabuckthorn Woods, Mt. Jianshanzi and Jiujia Sea, etc. In the latter part are Niupengzi Turf and  Changhe Hirst, some scenery spots are here, such as Mt. Abi (Mt. Grandma), Mt. Lieren (Mt. Hunter), Xuezhu Walls (Blood-built Walls), Xiesongyicai, Niupengzi Turf, Changheba Dam and so on. Those wonderful cliffs, like Guyuan Peak, Lieren Peak, Yingyuan Cliff and Jinji Ridge are amazing. After entering into the valley, you can see the hidden but beautiful scenery of Yinyang Vale which is steep, tortuous and deep. The other scenery spots look like compact gallery which makes you forget to leave. In addition to the patterns of mountains and water, grass and woods, clouds and fog, you feel like stay in the fairyland.

Location:Shuangqiao Valley is in Mt. Siguniang scenery, Mt. Siguniang Town, Xiaojin County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It’s one of the three valleys of Mt. Siguniang and located in the northwest of Rilong Town.  It’s 2.9km above the sea-level at the head but ascends 1km at the bottom.


Tickets: Busy season(Apr. 1st - Nov. 30th): ¥80;Off season(Dec. 1st - Mar. 30th) : ¥50;Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥70    

Ps: It’s about 7km from Rilong Town to Shuangqiao Valley. The valley is 34.8km long, so it’s hard to walk through the valley. You’d better take the bus after walking a while. Pay attention not to have altitude reaction.

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