welcome to Lamasery


Lamasery is 3440m above sea-level. It was built in 779. It is the stone pagoda built by Bainuozana (a monk in Tang Dynasty)…


Lamasery is in Changping Valley, Mt. Siguniang, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It’s the end of the……


Busy season: ¥70;

Off season: ¥50;

Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥20…


We can overlook the peak with snow of Mt. Siguniang here. The peak looks easy to touch but separated by several hilltops…

Color recording

Holy words were written on the white tower to bless people.


Sonorous guards

We can see the temple tips from the mountain. They look like guards that keep the Buddha and the mountains.


Prayer service

Lamasery is an honest listener. You can make your wish here and the flying prayer-flags will send it to Mt. Siguniang.


Holy pagoda

The white towers stand erectly beside Mt. Siguniang.


Article recommendation


It’s sunny here. The whiter towers are shining and the prayer-flags are colorful when the sun shines.

Imposing manner

Lamasery is imposing when we look it from the back. The distant aerial peaks and the nearby prayer-flags gaze at all of us devoutly.

Prayer flags

The holy flying prayer-flags are shining in the sunlight.

Silently waiting

The lines of white towers standing before the temple are like guards overlooking the distant peaks all year round.


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