Lamasery is 3440m above sea-level. It was built in 779. It is the stone pagoda built by Bainuozana (a monk in Tang Dynasty) when he translated and transmitted Buddhist Scriptures in Gyalrong Tibetan area according to the legend. Later the pilgrims became numerous and Wori Tusi built Siguna Lamasery as the monastery of Gelu Sector of Tibetan Buddhism in 1736 (the first year when Qianlong ascended the throne). The two Lliving Buddhas of Tibetan Buddhism we often heard, Panchen Lama and Dalai Lama are derive from Gelu Sector.

Changping Valley Lamasery is a monastery of Tibetan Buddhism of Gelu Sector. It’s said that it was built at the beginning of 15th century by  Tsong Khapa Lama’s brilliant disciple Chake Awangzhaba. It was brilliant in local Buddhism history though the site isn’t too big. There were more than 1000 monks and appeared many eminent monks in the heyday. It was destroyed by the fire in the Cultural Revolution. It is the place Tusi worshiped Mt. Siguniang in the history and one of the viewpoints . The present Lamasery was rebuilt in 2006 from which we can see the unique charming of Tibetan Buddhist architecture and their holy and solemn.

Location:Lamasery is in Changping Valley, Mt. Siguniang, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. It’s the end of the highway and the beginning of the scenic area of Changping Valley. It’s the only way to Changping Valley and the start of the timber trestle as well.

Tickets: Busy season: ¥70;Off season: ¥50;Tickets for sightseeing bus: ¥20

Tips : The busy season is from Apr. 1st to Nov. 30th ;The off season is from Dec. 1st to the next Mar. 30th.

Ps: We can overlook the peak with snow of Mt. Siguniang here. The peak looks easy to touch but separated by several hilltops. There are many taboos in Lamasery, so you’d better ask the guide or the local Tibetans about them to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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