welcome to Haizi Valley


Haizi Valley (Lake Valley) is an important part of Mt. Siguniang (Four Maiden's Mountain). It’s 19.2km long and…


aizi Valley is in Mt. Siguniang scenery, Mt. Siguniang Town, Xiaojin County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous…


Busy season: ¥60;

Off season: ¥40;

(The horse fee is not included)…


It’s long and more difficult to walk to Haizi Valley than to Changping Valley. The path for tourists and horses are…

The beautiful sunset

Mt. Siguniang in the sunset is gleaming with golden light. The auspicious clouds are flying in the sky.

Haizi Valley

Dream reality

The reality and fantasy of Haizi Valley take away the horizon of the earth. There is a folded horizon in the deep valley.

Haizi Valley

Blue charm

The blue lake looks like a huge gem inlaid on the peak of mountains.

Haizi Valley

The sky was clear

The clouds are flowing slowly in the blue sky. The leisure horses are eating grass on the meadow. You can feel the peace of nature.

Haizi Valley

Article recommendation


There are wildflowers everywhere in Haizi Valley.

Mid Tibetan Village

Tibetan village is built in the mid-levels. It looks like a paradise from the distance.


Haizi Valley is the most efficacious in Mt. Siguniang. Put your left hand in the water for 1min and you can pray for power. Put your right hand and you can pray for money. Put both hands at the same time and you can pray for health.

With snow

Everything in Haizi Valley covered with snow is harmonious.


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