Haizi Valley

Haizi Valley

Haizi Valley (Lake Valley) is an important part of Mt. Siguniang (Four Maiden's Mountain). It’s 19.2km long and covers an area of 126.48 km2. The head of it is located in Rilong Town. The scenery of Haizi Valley is totally different from Shuangqiao Valley (Double-bridge Valley ) or Changping Valley. It’s mainly alpine meadow in the front half part which is the best place for Mt. Siguniang enjoying and photoing. Those are mainly lakes in the latter half part. It takes one day to visit the latter part because of its long distance. There are 12 viewpoints and 46 scenery spots by preliminary detection. More than ten alpine lakes, such as Flower Lake, Floating Lake and Blue Lake are dotted in the valley. The water here goes through Wori River and gathers into Dadu River in Dunbar. Many ancient precious scaleless fish are retained here and become the living fossils for us to understand the land. You can camp in Haizi Valley. It’s also the essential place to get to each peak. The climbers can enter into No.1 Camp and the Base Camp from Haizi Valley by walking or riding a horse, then head to the big, the second, the third and the main peak. You will reach the lakes after over the mountains. Then you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery, watch the alpine ducks flying on the water and listen to the birds singing in the mountains.  

Location: Haizi Valley is in Mt. Siguniang scenery, Mt. Siguniang Town, Xiaojin County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Mt. Siguniang includes three valleys and one mountain. Haizi Valley is one of the three valleys but the highest. It’s about 4200m above sea-level where there are lakes.

Tickets: Busy season: ¥60;Off season: ¥40;(The horse fee is not included)

Ps: It’s long and more difficult to walk to Haizi Valley than to Changping Valley. The path for tourists and horses are only available. There is no tour buses so you’d better ride a horse to go through Haizi Valley. And you’d better take some food and water with you for it’s not easy to find places to have dinner.

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